Beach Front Estate a “Dream Home”


Beach Front Estate a Dream Home; Fore Group successfully guided us through the complexities of dealing with CRMC (Coastal Resources Management Council), the RI DEM, the town of New Shoreham officials and local environmental agencies, not to mention a skeptical local community and neighbors, which made building our vacation dream home a challenging proposition in Block Island. They expertly managed the logistics of transporting materials from the mainland to the island and lodging their crews near the site in order to complete the project in the most cost efficient manner while adhering to an aggressive timeline. I cannot tell you how many battles they fought for us, for price, for approvals, and they managed to realize Bohlin’s vision of an integrated, environmentally sound, and calmly pleasing structure that offended no one (a local concern) while being quietly, simply, spectacular.

– Mark and Christiane Masiello, Owners

This vacation dream home was on Block Island, a small and remote place in the Atlantic off the coast of Rhode Island. We had to find a builder ambitious enough yet highly skilled to go out there and turn our designs into reality. These guys got it right, they are excellent.

– Peter Bohlin, Architect

Working with the Fore Group throughout the design and construction process was a genuine pleasure. They clearly understood the design intentions from our first review of very early design drawings and wholeheartedly joined us in the journey of transforming our clients’ desires into a home that exceeded all expectations. Their attention to detail was a constant in everything from permitting to estimating to scheduling and coordinating the actual work; and is handsomely evident in the completed residence.

– Bill Loose, Architect